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Preferred Chiropractic Doctor (PCD)

Keeping Fees Affordable

What is Preferred Chiropractic Doctor or PCD?

Membership in Preferred Chiropractic Doctor means that you are assured of quality, effective chiropractic care at affordable fees. No longer do you have to worry about insurance deductibles and co-payments because the PCD program makes the care you need available at affordable cash fees.

Your membership guarantees that you will never be charged more than a set fee for your chiropractic needs and results in substantial savings for you, the health care consumer.

How Do I Know If I Am A Candidate for PCD?

You are a good candidate for PCD if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • You pay cash for services rendered because you have no insurance.
  • You pay cash because your insurance is an HMO (we don’t participate with any HMOs).
  • You have limited chiropractic benefits from your insurance and you wish to continue with wellness care after your original condition is resolved.
  • Your coverage is Medicare and you wish to continue with wellness care after your original condition is resolved.
  • You want to participate in chiropractic care with your family.
  • You have a child for whom you want chiropractic care and insurance does not cover him or her.
  • You meet any of the above criteria and would like to be eligible for discounted chiropractic fees across the country at hundreds of chiropractic offices.
What Kind of Savings Will I Enjoy Exactly?

You will receive a 25% discount off of all services in our office. And there are further discounts for family care. For more information, please speak with someone from our staff when you call to make your first appointment in our office.

How Do I Join?

One of Two Ways:

  • Enroll at our office. Membership is convenient and benefits begin immediately with no long waiting periods.
  • Enroll directly with PCD by phone (1-800-BE-WELL2), fax or visit the PCD website at www.bewell2.com.
It’s That Simple!
Annual Membership Fees are Affordable Too:
  • Individual Membership: $30.00
  • Family Membership: $45.00
With PCD you can start saving today, where you never thought you could… On Quality, Affordable Health Care!
What Do I Get For My Membership?
  • Significant savings on your chiropractic care.
  • Subscription of the PCD Newsletter, The Lifeline.
  • Discounts on Unique Products.
  • Nationwide Referral Service to PCD doctors all over the United States.
  • Cash Prizes.
  • And Much, Much More!

Get your membership application today!

For further information, please contact our office.

Note: PCD is not an insurance program and is not valid in conjunction with any third party payor plans, workman’s compensation claims or personal injury claims.